Overstressed Professionals

Often, people who come to see me are really smart, professional people. They’ve had a lot of success in their life, and because of that, they believe that they should not be plagued by psychological disturbances, or at least that they should be able to find their own solutions to their own emotional problems. The issue here is that most of us are not trained to handle those problems. The tools needed to work yourself out of a difficult situation are simple, but they require work and dedication. They also require the willingness to examine your prior assumptions.

The Business Landscape

Business environments can feel like a jungle, sometimes; unrelenting deadlines, pressure meted out by managers and executives who have no sympathy for your personal circumstances, the meaninglessness of churning out deliverables, the treacherous waters of office politics, the harsh sentence of performance reviews… Not to mention balancing it with the demands of family life. I have been there. I know the territory and I speak the language.

stressed professional