• Mood Journal   Adobe PDF download

    Use this worksheet any time you want to change the way you feel about an upsetting situation. Begin by recording your emotions and negative thoughts. There are three options for using this form:

    For a complete description of how to use this worksheet, see the Instructions.

  • Relationship Journal   Adobe PDF download

    When you have a critical or conflictual interaction with someone (partner, spouse, child, relative, boss…) and you want to repair the relationship with that person, record it on this worksheet. Only write one thing they said (Step 1) and what you said in response (Step 2). Working through this worksheet is done using the Five Secrets of Effective Communication.

  • Judge-Your-Partner/Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet  Adobe PDF download

    This worksheet is for you to use when you notice that most or all of your negative thoughts are judgments or criticisms of someone (or something) else. The beliefs on this worksheet are investigating using Mindful Inquiry (also called “The Work”).

  • Decision-Making Form  Adobe PDF download

    When you are facing a difficult decision, this worksheet allows you to clarify the pros and cons, and determine what you want to do next.

  • Before-Session Survey

    Fill out this form online or print out a copy before each session.

  • After-Session Rating

    Fill out this form online or print out a copy after each session.

  • Intake Packet

    Please fill out this questionnaire online before our first session:

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