For me, the focus of therapy is not primarily to fix disorders or cure diseases; I seek to increase your positive life skills rather than address negative patterns. What happens in the therapy hour is a microcosm of life at large. How you do anything is how you do everything. And so, I give special attention to the actual, to the present moment, in particular your immediate subjective experience. Ultimately, when you become aware of your resistance(s) to pain and return to wholeness and authenticity, my work is done.

My conviction is that psychological wellbeing is also spiritual wellbeing. My approach is existential-humanistic, client-centered, and transpersonal. I help people in transition cope with change or find themselves, when in overwhelming or stressful situations. In my recent research, I gathered evidence for a new method for stress management.

I help people undo patterns that keep them stuck and find a deeper connection with themselves. I am a product of the Silicon Valley: I went through my own transition from a previous career as an IT professional and consultant.