Is something in you aching to come out?

Was there a time when you felt more alive? Maybe for the longest time, you had assumed that your life was on course. Yet, today you look around you, and you feel like you have lost your bearings, you feel stuck, you yearn for a sense of direction.

Perhaps, you have recently faced an unexpected turn of events: an illness, the death of a loved one, or the loss of a job. Or maybe you have just been busy climbing the ladder to success, with the nagging feeling that it may be leaning against the wrong wall. For some of you, it may look like a midlife or quarterlife crisis.

Fabrice Nye, PhD

You are smart. Why couldn’t you find your own way out of this?

Indeed you probably can. We all possess the resources we need to find our own healing and meaning. Supportive friends and family members can help too. Yet the trap we often fall into is that when we encounter inner distress, we treat it like a physical problem: fix it up and sort it out so that we can get rid of it. But our internal lives do not work like the physical universe, and we find ourselves trapped deeper into the quicksand.

This is where talking to me can make all the difference. I will listen non-judgmentally and help you steer the course. I will also challenge you to push your own limits. In my research, I have found that questioning your own beliefs can help reduce stress. I can offer you some powerful tools that will help you break free of the fears and confusion that bind you.

Do you get the feeling that there may be something better awaiting you?

Would you like to:

– Reach your full potential
– Find meaning in your life
– Feel like you are finally alive
– Answer your calling
– Embark on your spiritual journey

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